Do Dogs Suffer From Neurological Issues, And How Pet Vitamins Can Help?

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Neurological disorders are relatively common in dogs, and they are usually progressive disorders that develop over time. At International Veterinary Scienceswe understand that dog owners are concerned that their dogs might develop neurological disorders as they age. This is why we have created this article to help dog parents understand how neurological issues can affect your dog. We will also explain how pet vitamins can help manage and even prevent neurological problems, so keep reading.

What Type Of Neurological Issues Can Dogs Suffer From Without Necessary Pet Vitamins?

International Veterinary Sciences creates pet vitamins that your dog needs for proper physical and cognitive health. While neurological issues can develop at any life stage of your dog, they are more common in older dogs. Research has shown that pet vitamins can help slow and even improve older dogs' cognitive health. Without proper nutrition to support the cognitive functions of your dogs, and due to certain genetic factors and environmental toxins, your dog may suffer from the following neurological issues:

Loss of balance: One of the most common forms of neurological issues dogs suffer from is the loss of balance. Your dog may start to lose its balance all of a sudden, or the changes in your dog's balance may come about slowly.

Shaking: Another neurological issue older dogs may develop is uncontrolled head shaking. While normal dogs may shake their head from time to time to remove water or debris from their head, the shaking due to neurological doesn't stop when the dog wants.

Dragging paw: Paw dragging means that your dog has lost control of one or both feet or paws. The severity of paw dragging may differ, and if you see your dog dragging its paws, it can be due to neurological issues.

Seizures: Seizures are either a sign of a hereditary condition that your dog might have, or it can also be due to neurological damage.

How Can Dog Vitamins Help With Neurological Issues?

The best thing about dog vitamins is that they are a safe and non-invasive way to ease and, in some cases, treat and prevent dogs' neurological issues. While feeding a balanced diet and necessary dog vitamins to your dog can slow down the development of neurological problems, they are also used as a preventative measure.  Even if your dog is young, giving it pet vitamins can prevent cognitive decline and reduce your dog's chances of developing neurological issues. At IVS, we have the following vitamins to help your dog with neurological problems:

Lipiderm® Fish Oil Soft Gels:

Lipiderm® Fish Oil Soft Gels are capsules containing vitamins and, more importantly, Omega 3, which provides your dog with necessary oils, proteins, and fats to improve neurological issues.

Comfort Time®:

Another vitamin we have at IVS to help your dog with anxiety and stress is Comfort Time®. These vitamins help calm your dog's nerves and remove stress from its nervous system to prevent neurological issues.

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