Why People Love IVS

I have a 75 lb. yellow lab that had a flea allergy. I really wanted something to help her skin and coat. My dog also was a heavy shedder. After about 3 weeks I noticed a big change. I give her 1 capsule a day. First, her skin healed and she was no longer biting her fur. She also has stopped shedding. I'm always getting compliments on how beautiful her fur is. I tell them to buy Lipiderm!

These dog wipes are really awesome. Not one so far that even compares with these wipes. They're nice and thick and just the right size for my doxies, have a really nice scent, and my two dogs love the rubdown they get!! It leaves their coats clean, soft and shiny. It is great for in between bathes. I love it!! I am totally sold and highly recommend this product. You won't be sorry you bought these.

I once had a dog who had two knee surgeries on one of her legs and developed arthritis. She limped. I used Arthramine for her and she stopped limping, but sometimes I wondered if it was really this that was helping. I was away for 7 days and the person watching my dog forgot to give the Arthramine. When I came home my dog was limping again. So, I am a believer! 

This made a huge difference for my dog. She could barely walk and was in terrible pain. The vet prescribed a pain killer but it only lasted a few hours. Started our dog on the Arthramine and within a few days, she was back to herself, running and jumping and generally acting crazy. This stuff is amazing.

Healthier Skin, Less Shedding, and Strong Joints

Keeping your best friend healthy is easier than ever!

Products Inspired By Pets

Find better ways help promote a longer, happier and healthier life for your loving pet.

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  • Total Support

    Lipiderm & Arthramine are the dynamic duo to aid skin, heart, brain, and joint health. 

  • Renewed Energy

    Lipiderm is packed with Omega 3's, your pet will be back to it younger self in no time!

  • Staying Clean Is Easy

    Quick-Bath wipes are convenient & shampoos add deep, fresh cleaning!

  • Care When They Need It most

    Dermaplex's healthy skin remedy to relieve pain from injury, scratching, and scabbing. 

Need to Clean Your Pet? No Problem!

Waterless cleaning & potty wipes are here to save the day.

No More Scratching, No More Itching

Remedies & First-Aid to Heal Skin Quickly.