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Why People Love IVS

Recommended by my vet as daily supplement to help control dander. It also helps to maintain healthy coat & the glow of such. Highly recommend.


We use this [Arthramine] everyday for our lab. It really helps her arthritis, and it makes a difference if she skips a few days.

Julie M.

Big dogs are hard to bath! These are great for every other day use to keep my pup clean without the stress...(Of both me and my pup!)

Vicky T

I've used this on all of my dogs for over 15 years. I think it's the best dog shampoo on the market. It's soothing (anti-inflammatory) with tea tree oil and salicylic acid (aspirin). Nothing works like this stuff.


I have a French bull dog and he would get a lot of rashes from allergies. After giving him this pill for a month his rashes have almost gone away and is scratching less. Worth buying!