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Pet Safe Wipes for Dogs and Cats

Keep your furry friend’s rear end clean and fresh without any hassles or messes by using our Quick Bath Dog Wipes. These pre-moistened, super absorbent, extra thick wipes (available in different sizes) remove dirt and bacteria from your pet’s tushee quickly and easily without the need to use water, sprays, or shampoos. They leave your pet smelling clean and fresh. You can use them as puppy paw wipes as well!

Best Cleaning Pet Wipes

With its pH neutral formulation, soothing aloe vera, alcohol-free formula, and vitamin A and E infusion, these pet wipes effectively nourish the skin and coat. They will not sting your pet’s sensitive skin and are safe for everyday use. They come in an ultra-portable pack and are easy t-use on the go with one simple pull. They are perfect for dogs and cats that dislike baths or for those times they need a cleanup in between baths.

Key Benefits of Pet Safe Wipes

A summary of the benefits provided by these Quick Bath dog wipes include:

  • Manufactured with aloe vera and beneficial vitamins A and E to promote healthy skin
  • Keeps your dog’s or cat’s tushee clean by eliminating the dirt, odors, and bacteria in a mess-free manner
  • Ideal for pets that need daily cleaning or highly dislike baths
  • Gentle and safe for everyday use on dogs, cats, and other small pets with a pH neutral and alcohol-free formula
  • Manufactured in the USA with cruelty-free, natural ingredients, all contained in a portable, easy-to-use package

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