Benefits of Giving Your Pet Vitamins Along With A Good Diet

A healthy diet is crucial for your dog’s health, especially when your dog is just a puppy; they need plenty of nutrition during this rapid growth phase. Puppies are notoriously high-energy creatures, and they need proper nutrition to fulfill their daily nutritional requirement. To meet the high-energy needs of puppies, it is a good idea to supplement your pup’s diet with pet vitamins. At International Veterinary Sciences, we have created high-quality natural dog vitamins designed to fill the nutritional gap in your puppy’s diet. However, many people who have puppies or plan on adopting one soon ask us whether they should give vitamins to their pup or not. There are plenty of benefits of providing natural vitamins to your growing puppy. This article will tell you about some vitamins, and their advantages for your pup, so read on.

Different Pet Vitamins And Their Benefits For Your Puppy

At IVS, we are committed to creating pet vitamins for cats and dogs alike, and we offer different forms of vitamins that can boost your pet’s overall health and well-being. As far as the vitamins and their benefits for your puppy are concerned, here are some health benefits that giving vitamins and vitamins to your puppy can have:

Fatty Acids: Fatty Acids are found naturally in different foods; however, it can be challenging to give your puppy enough fatty acids through food alone. To make sure that your puppy is getting enough fatty acids in his diet, it is best to provide him with fatty acid vitamins. Fatty acids can help in keeping your puppy’s skin and fur healthy.

Digestive vitamins: When your puppy is trying out new foods, it needs a robust digestive system to digest the new diet and nutrients. After all, a healthy digestive system is essential to absorb nutrients from the food your pup is eating and fulfill the energy needs of your growing puppy. While you can find plenty of dog vitamins on Amazon and other online marketplaces, it can be challenging to find good quality digestive vitamins. However, digestive vitamins can not only help keep your pup’s gut healthy, but they can also prevent gut issues from developing. With that being said, digestive vitamins don’t have to be given often and can be given weekly or monthly.

Vitamins: Vitamins, especially vitamins A, E, and C have plenty of health benefits for your puppy, such as keeping the coat and skin healthy while maintaining a sharp vision. On top of that, studies have shown that vitamin A also helps in muscle development in dogs. By giving your puppy our range of fortified vitamin and omega 3, you can make sure your little guy is getting the necessary vitamins it needs.

Considerations When Giving Vitamins To Your Puppy

Pet vitamins that we offer are tested to be safe for dogs and cats; however, it is essential to consult with your puppy’s vet before giving any vitamins to your dog. Not only can the vet tell you when is the right age to start giving vitamins to the puppy, but they can also supervise the dosage if needed.