Can Pet Vitamins Help Treat Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety?

We all love our dogs and miss them while we are away from them. Our pets are also emotionally attached to us as we are their family, and when they have to be away from us, they can get anxious. It is normal for your pup to get excited to see you when you come back home after being away. However, if your dog is clawing at furniture and the door or chewing household items while you are away, it might be a sign of separation anxiety. Separation is not good for your pet or for the pet’s parents, which is why we at International Veterinary Sciences treat separation anxiety in dogs using pet vitamins. However, many dog owners whose dogs have separation anxiety ask us if pet vitamins and supplements can treat separation anxiety? In short, dog supplements can be effective in treating separation anxiety, and in this article, we will tell you how exactly they help, so read on.

How Exactly Do Pet Vitamins Help With Separation Anxiety?

Pet Vitamins are used to treat various physical and physiological issues in dogs, and separation anxiety is no exception. At IVS Pet, our range of pet prodcuts is specially designed to calm the overly anxious dogs and help them stay relaxed, which treats separation anxiety. When you give your dog our calming supplement, your dog’s mind will not go into an anxious state, and it will cause less stress for your dog and you as well. Imagine being away to pay a visit to a friend or going out with your partner without constantly worrying about your dog suffering from separation anxiety. All these benefits are made possible due to the specialized ingredients used in making our specially designed calming supplements. Some key components of our calming supplements that are also found in the top dog vitamins on Amazon are as follows:

Valerian Root: This natural ingredient is safe for dogs, and it is known for its calming abilities, which can greatly benefit dogs with separation anxiety.

Chamomile flower extract: This sedating ingredient is widely used in calming anxiety, and it is also used as a muscle relaxant to keep anxious dogs in a more calm state.

Passionflower: Like valerian root and chamomile flower extracts, passion flower is also a calming agent that is completely safe for dogs and cats alike.

A combination of these key ingredients and additional ingredients offers a unique blend that you can safely give your dog to treat separation anxiety. The best part about our calming supplements is that they are made using natural ingredients, making them safe for your dog. The last thing you would want is your dog to suffer from unwanted side effects, which is not an issue when you give your dog our Vitamins for calming them down.

Things To Consider Before Giving Your Dog Vitamins For Calming

While our calming pet Vitamins for calming are safe and easy to give to your dog, it is still good to consult with your vet before giving them to your pet. Another reason why consulting your vet before giving your dog pet supplements is essential is to ensure that the supplement doesn’t interact negatively with any medication your dog might be taking.

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