Do Pet Vitamins Work For Calming an Anxious Dog?

Dogs get stressed when they are around unfamiliar people or due to loud sounds, which is usually not a cause of concern. However, if your dog is continuously anxious or stressed, it might have a long-term anxiety issue such as separation anxiety, which is very common. Anxiety is not just a short-term issue; just like humans, too much anxiety and stress can affect your dog's health. At International Veterinary Sciences, we understand that keeping your dog calm is essential for both the dog's health and also for the pet owners. This is why we will tell you how pet vitamins can help relieve anxiety and calm your dog so read on.

What Types of Dog Anxiety Can be Cured Using Pet Vitamins and Supplements?

Dogs generally have three types of anxieties, and all of them can be cured using our range of pet vitamins. Since dogs can not precisely communicate the cause of stress, it is up to dog parents to understand what is causing the dog's anxiety. Knowing the cause of stress and the type of anxiety can help you identify and remove the reason for it. While our dog comforting vitamins can further improve your dog's mood by keeping it calm and preventing it from going into an anxious state of mind. With that being said, here are the three types of anxieties your dog may experience:

Separation anxiety: Separation anxiety has to be the most common type of anxiety. It is estimated that almost half of the dogs have this type of anxiety. Separation anxiety is usually caused by the separation of the dog from its owner. However, some dogs that are overly attached to another dog may also develop separation anxiety when the other dog is away. Along with giving your dog our calming supplement, you can also help your dog understand that being separated from its owner or companion is not a bad thing.

Shelter anxiety: If a dog has been rescued, and you got them from a shelter, chances are the dog's anxiety might stem from the feeling of abandonment. Shelter anxiety can also translate to separation anxiety because when the owner is not around, the dog may start feeling abandoned again. So along with a lot of care and love giving your dog-calming supplements can help.

Sudden noise anxiety: If your dog gets stressed and anxious whenever it hears loud noises from construction equipment, thunderstorm, or vacuum cleaners, it might have loud noise anxiety. Giving your dog natural calming vitamins designed specifically for dogs can help relieve their loud noise anxiety.

What are the active ingredients in our natural calming supplement for dogs?

Valerian Root Extract: This natural ingredient is known for calming dogs, especially those that bark too much due to anxiety.

Chamomile Extract: This ingredient is a mild natural sedative proven to have anti-anxiety properties for dogs.

Passion Flower Extract: This is a popular kind of sedative used in homeopathic medicine for dogs, and we use it in our dog comforting supplement due to its calming effect on dogs.   

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