What Ingredients Should You Look For When Picking A Dog Shampoo For Dry Skin?

If your dog has been getting a dry coat and skin-related issues, then your dog’s shampoo might not be doing a good job. In some cases, dehydrated skin and coat might require a visit to the vet for a checkup. However, in other cases, simply using our dog shampoo that is specifically made for treating dry skin can show improvement within a few baths. At International Veterinary Sciences, our team is always looking for ways to improve your dog’s health and cure common health issues using naturally made treatments. However, many dog owners aren’t sure what ingredients they should look for in a dog shampoo when treating dry skin. Generally, fish oil is used for treating dry skin and coat in dogs. However, by combining fish treatment and shampoo with some specific ingredients, you can improve your dog’s dry coat. This article will tell you about the ingredients that you should look for when choosing a shampoo for a dog with a dry coat, so read on.

A Shampoo Containing The Following Ingredients And Fish Oil For Dogs Is The Perfect Way To Improve Your Dog’s Skin Health

The natural dog shampoos we offer at IVS are a great way to restore and even improve your dog’s skin health. Dry skin is not a condition on its own, and it is usually caused by other related factors such as dry air and dietary issues. However, by using our dog shampoo in combination with fish oil for dogs, you can improve your dog’s skin and fur quality. With that being said, you should pay attention that the dog shampoo you are using for your dog’s dry skin contains the following ingredients:

Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is known for its antibacterial properties, and it is widely used in natural pet shampoos for treating dogs with dry skin and coat. Tea tree oil is present in our dog shampoos in a precise concentration to provide skin and coat benefits to your dog without being tough on the dog’s body. While tea tree oil may not be suitable for internal use but as far as external use in the form of shampoo is concerned, it can help treat dry skin in dogs and improve sensitive skin.

Vitamins and Aloe Vera: Vitamins and Aloe Vera are known for their soothing properties, and when combined in dog shampoo, you can rest assured that it can cure your dog’s dry skin. Since dry skin is caused by inadequate skin hydration, our dog shampoos contain a rich blend of vitamins and Aloe Vera to restore skin moisture.

Purified water: We understand that your dog’s skin has a delicate PH balance that needs to be maintained for your dog’s proper skin and coat health. That is why we use purified water in your dog shampoos for dry skin so that the PH balance of your dog’s skin remained stable while it recovers from dry skin.

Are you looking for the best dry skin shampoo and the best fish oil for dogs? Just visit our shop for all your dog’s health care needs.