What Dog Vitamins Are Essential For Healthy Skin And Coat?

Skin problems are not just exclusive to humans; in fact, our k-9 friends can also suffer from skin and coat-related issues. Skin-related problems in dogs are among the most common issues, and almost every dog owner has to deal with their pet dog’s dry skin and coat at least once. That is why we at International Veterinary Sciences recommend dog vitamins and supplements for dogs’ healthy skin and coat. However, several dog skin and coat supplements are available in the market enough to confuse dog owners. At IVS, we often get dog owners unsure what vitamins and supplements they should give to their dogs. This article will tell you what vitamins and supplements are best to maintain a dog’s healthy skin and coat.

Dog Vitamins You Should Give your dog for a healthy coat

You don’t have to try all the dog vitamins and supplements for your dog’s healthy coat. There are some natural ingredients that you should look for in a supplement designed for a dog’s skin and coat health. These ingredients are scientifically proven to boost skin and coat health in dogs, and these vitamins and supplements are as follows:

Omega-3 fatty acids:  Omega-3 supplements are some of the best when it comes to keeping your dog’s coat and skin healthy. Our range of skin and coat supplements for dogs and cats contain recommended amount of Omega-3, so you don’t have to worry about common skin issues harming your dog. The best part about Omega-3 is that it can provide relief from skin issues and prevent them from coming back in the future. No matter the cause of your dog’s skin and coat issues, Omega-3 supplements are a great way to provide relief to your dog. If your dog faces issues during the allergy season, then Omega-3 can also help reduce the damaging effect of pollen and other allergens keeping your dog safe and healthy.

Vitamin A: Vitamin A combined with vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids positively impacts your dog’s skin and coat health. Dog skin health is also linked to other issues such as irritability, anxiety, stress, and more. So even if skin issues in your dogs seem like an external issue, they can negatively impact the overall health of your dog. Since vitamin A fortifies your dog’s immune system, it gives your dog’s body the strength and defensive ability that it needs to fight skin issues. Vitamin A also keeps your dog’s fur moisturized, thus improving its appearance. We all love our dogs and want them looking their best and our vitamin A supplements combined with Omega-3 supplements for dogs do just that.

If you spend hours looking up how to improve dog’s coat on Google, then you are in the right place. Our research and development team has created high-quality and natural supplements for boosting your dog’s skin and coat health. You can visit our shop to buy a skin and coat supplement for your dog and see the results for yourself.