Can I Use Baby Wipes As Cat Cleaning Wipes?

Cats are known to be excellent personal groomers, and according to various sources, it has been observed that they spend as much as 5 hours a day grooming themselves. But in case you’re wondering, even the best one requires a bit of help, and this is where cat-cleaning wipes come for help. 

Cat cleaning wipes are basically wet wipes that can be used to keep your furry little pet stain and dirt free in between baths. Although it cannot be used as a replacement for regular baths still, it can help you keep your pet looking clean and tidy in between their baths. As well all know, cats are not really friends with water. With the use of these wipes, you will not have to give your cat a bath every time she plays outdoors or gets herself dirty. 

Many people are concerned about whether they can use other types of wipes, such as baby wipes or makeup remover wipes, as a replacement for cat cleaning wipes, as they all are wet wipes and are used for the same purpose; that is to clean. The simple answer to this question? A Big NO. 

You cannot use any other wipe as a replacement for cat bath wipes. As these wipes are designed specifically to be used on the delicate skin of your pet hence, they are made from ingredients that are pet friendly. Whereas baby wipes or other wipes such as makeup remover wipes contain ingredients that are harmful to be used on your pet’s sensitive and delicate skin. 

Let’s have a deeper look into what aspects make baby wipes unsafe to be used on cats. 

Can Baby Wipes Hurt Cats?

Although baby wipes not hurt the cats just by application, it is the ingestion that you have to worry about. Considering the fact that cats spend so much time grooming themselves, it is wise to assume that whatever is applied to their coat is going to end up in their mouth eventually. 

So the question should not be that it is safe to use baby wipes on your cat’s skin but that is it safe if the ingredients of the baby wipes are ingested in small amounts. 

Can Baby Wipes Be Used On Cat’s Bum?

If you’re someone who is very careful and want to play it all safe, then it is best if you use wipes that are designed specifically for pets, especially for usage on sensitive parts. This is because there are many ingredients that may not be safe for use on humans, but they can prove to be harmful to your pet's delicate skin. If you do not have cat-cleaning wipes with you at the moment, then you may proceed on to clean your cat’s bum with a clean cloth or a paper rag but make sure it is moist with water as using a dry cloth on your pets bum may cause irritation. 

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What Ingredients In Baby Wipes Make it Bad For Cats?

There are some ingredients in baby wipes that make them unsuitable for usage on your pet’s skin. Although many people believe that just by going for the unscented version, the wipes will become safe for use on pets, this is not the case. There are many ingredients in the wipes that are not suited to be used on a cat’s skin. Such as such wipes contain citric acid, which is not liked by cats. They dislike citrus, especially oranges. And this is not just about likes and dislikes. Aversion-consuming essential oils from citrus sources can prove to be actually poisonous for cats. 

Although something as gentle as baby wipes would obviously not contain that much amount of citrus acid to cause serious damage to the cat, it will definitely annoy the cat. Hence it is best to use Cat-cleaning wipes that are designed specially to be used on the cat’s delicate skin. 

So these are some of the reasons why using baby wipes as a replacement for cat-cleaning wipes are not recommended. You may check out our website for more interesting information and also the variety we have available for your furry creatures.