How to use cat-cleaning wipes to clean your pet?

There are more and more pet-friendly products being introduced in the market, from cat-cleaning wipes and snacks to pet-smart hardware and pet insurance. As more and more pets tend to stay in different households, becoming an inseparable part of our lives. Their smile, softness, simplicity, and cuteness inspire us every time to be better and more gentle people. 

Pet wipes for cats, just like any other pet-friendly product, are designed to be used specifically on your cat's delicate skin. They contain ingredients that are likable by cats and which do not have any adverse effect on your pet’s skin. Although many people consider using other types of wipes, such as baby wipes or makeup remover wipes, as cleaning wipes, wipes designed for humans are unsuitable for pets. Hence, no matter what, remember to NEVER use baby wipes or makeup remover wipes as cleaning wipes for your pet, as it may harm them. 

In case you don’t have cat-cleaning wipes with you, you may take a dry paper towel or a clean cloth and moisten it a bit with water and use it to clean your pet instead of using wipes that are designed to be used on human skin. 

Usage Of Cat-Cleaning Wipes

Before we move on to how you can use cat-cleaning wipes to keep your pet clean and tidy in between baths, let’s first understand what these wipes are good for. 

One of the major uses of cat bath wipes is to clean your pet's bum after they have finished. As the hair on their butts often gets contaminated with some excrement, which, if not cleaned properly, may cause other areas or the furniture at your home to be contaminated too. This can impact your and your pet’s health adversely. 

Cat-cleaning wipes are not only used for this purpose but they can also be used to wipe mouth, tears, paws, ears, etc. These are great, especially for pets who cannot take baths in a short time, as these can be used for the daily cleaning of the following body parts of your pet:

Cleaning The Face

Some breeds of cats or dogs may get their face dirty after they eat, and the pet parents have to wash their faces after every meal thoroughly. This is where puppy cleaning wipes can prove to be very useful. You can use these wipes to clean the face and mouth of your pet after they have enjoyed a meal without having to get them wet with water. 

Cleaning After Going To The Toilet

It is common for the pet-parents to wipe their pet’s bum after they have pooped, as they want their pets to be clean all the time. However, when the pet is not pulling properly, there may be poop residues which makes it necessary to clean the bum. Otherwise, you may have to clean the floor or furniture of your home. 

Cleaning Paws

Pet parents take their pets out for a walk almost daily. And as we all know, cats hate taking baths. Therefore, to clean the paws of your pet from all the dirt they might have caught when they went out for a walk with you, you can easily wipe it clean with cat-cleaning wipes

Cleaning Tear Stains

Some cat breeds are prone to tear stains, not when they are ill but when they are healthy as well. It becomes necessary for your to clear those tear stains because if you dont, they will stay for longer, which may affect the health of your pet and their appearance as well. 

The skin around the cat’s eye tends to be very tender, due to which it is highly not recommended to use a dry paper towel on that area. Similarly, using large cleaning wipes can be very wasteful. Therefore, to clean the eye area and remove tear stains, you shall invest in eye wipes. We at IVSPET have a large variety of cleaning wipes available.

Cleaning Wounds

Pet wounds can be messy and hard to avoid. You can use cleaning wipes to clean the wounds of your pet.

So this is how you can use cat-cleaning wipes to make your pet look clean and tidy in between baths. For more information, you may visit our website.