Quick Bath Cat & Dog Pet Wipes Review

Perfect for on the go or regular bathing. 
We take these with us in the car when the dogs go along on hikes. They are perfect to clean the dogs up after walking around in the woods. No matter what they always manage to get dirty. Even if they stay on the path. The extra thick & heavy duty dog wipes dog do the trick from head to toe before loading back into the car. Also it's made in the USA.

We have two cats. They both get baths on a regular basis. My boyfriend is a dog groomer so he is used to bathing cats and since we have been giving them baths since they were very young they are used to it. But sometimes we don't have time or they get themselves into a dirty situation and that is where Quick Bath Wipes come in handy. These Pre-Moistened Wipes have a pleasant scent, are extra thick and heavy duty and large. They measure 5" x 10" they will leave your cats skin clean and shiny. Perfect for anytime bathing. 

For the dog wipes, they're good for on the go dog cleaning & dog feet cleaning before getting back into the car. Perfect for small or large dogs. I usually share one for my two dogs when out and about unless they are really dirty.  These measure 8" x 10" and are pre-moistened. 

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