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Leaders In Pets' Health Supplements

Ara Bohchalian, president and CEO of International Veterinary Sciences in Anaheim, California, makes Lipiderm, a skin and health supplement that enhances overall health, and Arthramine, for bone and joint support.

“We’re one of the originals,” he said. “Our products have stood the test of time.”

To Bohchalian, retailers can best assist customers when their staff approaches products from an informed perspective.

“It has to go beyond just a familiar name,” he said. “A retailer has to be able to look at that label and really know what it means. And that [education] is up to the manufacturer.”

IVS Donates Supplements to U.S. War Dogs Association

International Veterinary Sciences (IVS), a division of Animal Nutrition, Inc., has announced a donation of $11,000 in dog health supplements to the U.S. War Dogs Association.

Based in New Jersey, the U.S. War Dogs Association helps support canine military heroes that serve on active duty all over the world, as well as serving the needs of retired military dogs that have served in their younger years.

IVS donated over 35 cases of Arthramine, an American-made joint health supplement.

“This generous donation will assist us in the care of hundreds of dogs that have dedicated their life to the service of our U.S. Military,” said Ron Aiello, president of U.S. War Dogs Association. “We are extremely grateful for partnerships like this that help make a difference to the thousands of highly trained canine military around the world.”

Original Article: http://www.petage.com/international-veterinary-sciences-donates-supplements-to-u-s-war-dogs-association/