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QuickBath® Dog Wipes

QuickBath® Dog Wipes

QuickBath® Dog Wipes



Quick Bath wipes are formulated with effective cleaners that remove bacteria and odors from your pets skin. Quick Bath wipes are made with IVS proprietary formula including Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera which promote an overall healthy skin and coat while leaving your pet clean and shiny. Quick Bath wipes are pH neutral and alcohol free.

Available In

  • Small Dog 10 Count
  • Large Dog 5 Count
  • Large Dog 10 Count
  • Cleans and reduces odor & bacteria
  • Nourishes skin & alcohol free
  • Perfect for dogs that are difficult to bathe or elderly
  • EXTRA THICK, super absorbent & heavy duty wipes
  • Great for in–between baths, after a walk, hike or camping
  • Easy, safe and effective to use daily
  • Vitamin A & E
  • Soothing Aloe Vera
  • PH Neutral and Alcohol Free Formulation

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