IVS, which stands for International Veterinary Sciences, shares one very important thing in common with pet owners: a strong passion and love for those four-legged companions.

We also care about the people that love them, so we strive to provide the most complete and effective wellness products that make Pet Parents feel confident about providing only the best for their babies!

Using the highest quality Human-Grade standards and ingredients all MADE IN THE USA and in GMP and FDA facilities, IVS products are both effective and safe. We stand behind every single one of our products with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction, because we know that Pet Parents deserve that peace of mind when caring for their loved ones.

All IVS products can be trusted and significantly improve the quality of life for your pets no matter their age or activity level. We are working tirelessly to invigorate their natural life cycle, especially in those senior years, IVS products improve their overall health and strengthen that all-important bond with your pets.

Bottom line, IVS truly cares about the well-being of all pets, which is why for over 30 years we have worked tirelessly to develop and manufacture some of the leading products that have improved the lives of countless pets globally.

We are PROUD to be your partners in helping you keep your loved ones Healthy, Happy and active!